Catholic A-ha Fan @iloveaha

Hello, I’m trying this “blog” thing once again. Maybe this time I’ll stick with it!

I have many passions. The most important is my Catholic faith. I am an orthodox Catholic who was born into the faith 44 years ago. I come from a family of dysfunction-you name it, it happened! After many years away from the faith (24!), I reverted and have been happy with my decision ever since.

I don’t know why there is so much animosity towards this one faith in particular but maybe in some small way people like me can help to alleviate some of it.

I am very outspoken, very blunt and always honest!

I have no skills when it comes to grammar or proper punctuation so this won’t be the nicest looking thing on the planet-but who cares!

* If you are trying to promote a non-Catholic site or agenda- don’t bother commenting. I will delete comments that try to promote things that are outside the catholic faith-disagree but don’t dissuade.

Blessings, Mary M.

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